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Welcome to the School for Looneys! Leave while you can because your mind is about to get looneyified (if that's a real word)! This school is not for the faint of heart, simple minded, or sane!

You are welcomed to join just by clicking the join our group button! Advertise this group so more members can fall in!

As a member or watcher, you can follow updates to the school, such as fanart, fanfiction, and even updates to the upcoming story: School for Looneys!

If you are a member, you are free to post existing artwork or fanfictions about the cast! Including your own!


OC: Ikotu Iven :iconkingofe3:kingofe3 25 0 OC: Rose (Rosalina de Apache) :iconkingofe3:kingofe3 35 10 OC: Cyanea :iconkingofe3:kingofe3 15 0 OC: Cecilia :iconkingofe3:kingofe3 10 0 OC: Dina :iconkingofe3:kingofe3 11 1 OC: Madison :iconkingofe3:kingofe3 45 1 OC: Sangria :iconkingofe3:kingofe3 18 1

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OC: King by kingofe3
OC: Adena by kingofe3
OC: Allatla by kingofe3
OC: Angelina by kingofe3
Official Story
Sketch request: Cecilia by Acelin-T
Request: Cole x3 by GeckiGewaldro




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Edit: This contest has ended at this point in time! Thank you all participants for entering and putting all the hard work and effort into your works! :D

Here are the winners of this contest! You all have done a wonderful job and I'm sad I couldn't pick more people to win! ;w;

One character entry winners:

1st: :iconxangelfeatherx:
Contest Entry: kingofe3 [GIF] by XAngelFeatherX
My favorite piece overall. How they done this was so unique. Shows Cint's cute and yandere in a gif format. This piece is wonderfully done in concept and visuals. I would give you a higher prize amount if I could! ;A;

2nd: :iconanobaith:
kingofe3's contest entry: ROSE by anobaith
When I saw this, I was amazed how by how well the artist drew Rose's Problem. A very great job in my opinion!

3rd: :icontanteiblack:
Cyanea OC (by kingofe3) by tanteiBlack
The gothic dress and the hint of strawberry do nice to show the character's likes. ^^

Two characters entry winners:

1st: :iconchiinyan:
Contest Entry 3 by Chiinyan
Nicandro's Hallucination: Contest Entry 7 by Chiinyan

In case you're wondering, this still counts as two since Nicandro is drawn twice. Still, I liked the concept of both works and how they visualized the characters' personalities. The custom designs for the characters are also very nicely done.

2nd: :iconbreakfree15:
Contest entry by breakFree15
This is very adorable. ;w;

3rd: :iconnoastrife:
Nicandro and Cole by NoaStrife
Bishies be hot. //slapped

Three characters entry winners:

:iconkangelxd:Cecilia and her picture frames by kAngeLxD
Really nice visual effect and concept! Love how everyone is drawn here even as slightly more mature! :D

2nd: :icondraconine:
Contest entry - Girls just wanna have fun by Draconine
Oh yes, one of my most liked group drawings. (The yuri is high with this one. //shot) The visuals are very nicely done and I really like how each character is drawn here.

Now, if only this was a real sleepover... //thrown off a cliff

3rd: :iconliemint:
Eternal Rivalry by LieMint


CE : kingofe3 by LieMint

The first drawing really won this for me. I can see the reference to the first chapter (fake snow and tower) and I like the slight hint of rivalry between the two shown here.

Once again, thank you all for entering this contest! Don't feel discouragement that you didn't win, you all have done a great job!

For my next contest, it'll be a much simpler and shorter one. I hope you guys can take part in it once I put the journal up soon! ^^


Start Date: NOW!

End Date: May 25, 2014 (previously April 30th)

Voting Date: May 26, 2014

Prizes (One Character)

1st Place: 1,000 Points or Cash equivalent depending on currency

50 :points: from :iconkuroshishiro:

A chibi drawing from :iconred-x-snow:

A half body drawing from :iconhollowheartlessizsak:

A colored drawing from :iconloilie:

A full body drawing from :iconbestacrow:

A drawing from :iconverathin:

A full body drawing from :iconlunumbranecro:

A llama from :icontigabelle:

A llama from :iconarvatzc:

A full body drawing and a waist-up drawing from :iconvenus-chan2001:

A full body, chibi, and head shot-portrait-full colored drawing from :icondark-comics:

A traditional colored headshot from :icondeidars:

2nd Place: 500 Points or Cash equivalent depending on currency

A bust drawing from :iconhollowheartlessizsak:

A lineart drawing from :iconloilie:

A half body drawing from :iconbestacrow:

A llama from :icontigabelle:

A llama from :iconarvatzc:

A half body and a headshot from :iconvenus-chan2001:

A full body drawing from :iconiichillipepper:

A chibi and head shot-portrait-flat colored drawing from :icondark-comics:

A traditional colored headshot from :icondeidars:

3rd Place: 250 Points or Cash equivalent depending on currency

A chibi drawing from :iconloilie:

A bust drawing from :iconbestacrow:

A llama from :icontigabelle:

A llama from :iconarvatzc:

A headshot and 5 :points: from :iconvenus-chan2001:

A waist up drawing from :iconiichillipepper:

A head shot -portrait-Just line-art from :iconmagatamayagami:

A traditional colored headshot from :icondeidars:

Prizes (Two Characters)

1st Place: 1,500 Points or Cash equivalent depending on currency

A half body drawing from :icongreyopal:

Two chibi drawings from :iconred-x-snow: 

A half body drawing from :iconhollowheartlessizsak:

Free art request from :iconyoru-alice:

A chibi commission from :iconacusta:

A full body drawing from :iconlunumbranecro:

A half body drawing and llama from :icontigabelle:

A request and llama from :iconarvatzc:

One chibi icon from :iconondinebernard:

A full body drawing and a waist-up drawing from :iconvenus-chan2001:

Two full bodies, chibis, and head shots-portrait-full colored drawings from :iconmagatamayagami:

2nd Place: 750 Points or Cash equivalent depending on currency

A bust drawing from :iconhollowheartlessizsak:

Free art request from :iconyoru-alice:

A llama from :icontigabelle:

A request and llama from :iconarvatzc:

A half body and a headshot from :iconvenus-chan2001:

A full body drawing from :iconiichillipepper:

Two chibis and head shots-portrait-flat colored drawings from :iconmagatamayagami:

3rd Place: 375 Points or Cash equivalent depending on currency

Free art request from :iconyoru-alice:

A llama from :icontigabelle:

A llama from :iconarvatzc:

A headshot and 5 :points: from :iconvenus-chan2001:

A waist up drawing from :iconiichillipepper:

Two head shots -portrait-Just line-art from :iconmagatamayagami:

Prizes (Three Characters or more)

1st Place: 2,000 Points or Cash equivalent depending on currency

A half body drawing from :icongreyopal:

Three chibi drawings from :iconred-x-snow: 

A half body drawing from :iconhollowheartlessizsak:

A chibi commission from :iconacusta:

A full body drawing from :iconbestacrow:

A drawing from :iconverathin:

A full body drawing from :iconlunumbranecro:

A llama from :icontigabelle:

A request and llama from :iconarvatzc:

A full body drawing and a waist-up drawing from :iconvenus-chan2001:

Three full bodies, chibis, and head shots-portrait-full colored drawings from :iconmagatamayagami:

A fullbody drawing from :iconkiriuni:

A traditional head shot from :iconlily-misses:

2nd Place: 1,000 Points or Cash equivalent depending on currency

A bust drawing from :iconhollowheartlessizsak:

A half body drawing from :iconbestacrow:

A llama from :icontigabelle:

A request and llama from :iconarvatzc:

A half body and a headshot from :iconvenus-chan2001:

Three chibis and head shots-portrait-flat colored drawings from :iconmagatamayagami:

A waist up drawing from :iconkiriuni:

3rd Place: 500 Points or Cash equivalent depending on currency

A bust drawing from :iconbestacrow:

A llama from :icontigabelle:

A llama from :iconarvatzc:

A headshot and 5 :points: from :iconvenus-chan2001:

A headshot drawing from :iconiichillipepper:

Three head shots -portrait-Just line-art from :iconmagatamayagami:

A headshot drawing from :iconkiriuni:

:iconkuroshishiro: will do a request for all winners.

A full body and bust for first, full body for second, and bust for third in all categories. All places in one character get a story, all places in two character get 1-3 chibis, and all places in 3+ characters get a full-blown character sketch of one of their OCs from :iconnalufan1227:

Please note that the cash is via dA's earning system and not via Paypal services. If you wish to obtain the earnings, just make a slot available with the Commission Widget with my name on it so I can give you the points from there. =w=b 

I am also accepting prize donations! If you donate, I shall make a section to highlight your donation and generosity!

Featured Donates aka Wonderful People:

:iconred-x-snow: :iconyoru-alice: :iconacusta: :icongreyopal: :iconlunumbranecro: :iconhollowheartlessizsak: :iconloilie::iconverathin: :icontigabelle: :iconbestacrow: :iconarvatzc: :iconvenus-chan2001: :iconiichillipepper: :iconmagatamayagami: :iconkuroshishiro: :iconondinebernard: :iconnalufan1227: :icondeidars: :iconlily-misses: :iconkiriuni:


Madison D. Clark
Madison and Angelina for kingofe3 by red-X-snowOC: Madison by kingofe3
Age: 16

Personality:  Shy, helpful, and friendly towards others. Has a tendency to dream up wild and unexplainable situations. Loves sweet (especially chocolate) and cute animals. Oddly enjoys action movies more than romantic ones.

Race: Japanese

Age: 16

Personality: A bit tomboyish and carefree. She loves everything with a gothic style to it. One of her best traits are examining people and studying faces to find out if they are telling the truth. Favorite flavor of candy is oddly strawberry.

Race: Japanese

Sketch request: Cecilia by Acelin-TOC: Cecilia by kingofe3
Age: 16

Personality: Playful and cheerful. Despite being blinded, she can sense her surroundings perfectly fine by using her other 4 senses. Reason of being blinded is unknown to everyone. Friends with my other OCs, Madison and Cyanea.

Race: Japanese


Request - DIna by

Age: 16

Personality: Sees herself as a good person despite rude personality and delinquent background. Does what she sees best in interest with very little care of her actions about the result of them. But when she does, she would do whatever is in her power to fix them. Has bad communication skills, but can be a good person if she tried. Makes high grades despite her delinquent attitude and appearance, much to her teachers' and follow classmates' surprise.

Race: American

Rose (Rosalina de Apache)
OC: Rose (Rosalina de Apache) by kingofe3
Age: 16

Personality: Literally shocks people with her crazy ideas and personality. She is a freelancing grim reaper! Or that is what she believes she is. Since birth, she had always believed she was dead due a lack of a heartbeat and not breathing when she first came into the world. However, the doctors managed to save her, giving her life. Despite this, she strongly believes she is dead and is living the life of a grim reaper, even goes as far as dresses up as one.

She is energetic, high spirited, and loud. You can almost never catch her without a smile on her face.

Race: Spanish/Japanese

Age: 17

Personality: If she had one dream, it would be to become a cat or at least a neko. Her obsession with cats makes her peers thinks she is either crazy or just plain obsessed. She ends almost every sentence with "nya" and even has a cat like personality. A perfect fit for the School for Looneys!

She is relaxed, somewhat playful, and smart. She expresses her emotions the same way a cat would, such as purring.

Race: American

Ikotu Iven
OC: Ikotu Iven by kingofe3
Age: 27

Personality: As a teacher for the School for Looneys, he is expected to be serious and professional. However, he is just as crazy as his students. Loves to take breaks during lessons, gets involve in his students antics out of pure curiosity, and somewhat lazy.

Despite this, he is one of the better teachers at the school. He sympathizes well with his students, not seeing them as brats but more as companions, and is seen as a role and father figure to the younger males. He's friendly, strong, and reliable.

Why he has bandages around his arm is a total mystery to everyone. It is said to be linked to his past.

Race: German/Japanese 

CM: kingofe3 by RaikonKitsuneOC: Jin by kingofe3
Age: 16

Personality: Despite the meaning of her name, she is quite the opposite. Direct, non sociable, and short tempered. To cool herself down, she enjoys eating ice cream no matter what environment she is in (rocky road ice cream preferably). 

Many of her peers looked down on her because of her short structure, but she doesn't let it bother her. Some also confuse her to be a boy because of her flat chest and somewhat masculine tone, that pisses her off.

Race: African American/Japanese

Cole (Coltrane Seeger)
OC: Cole (Coltrane Seeger) by kingofe3
Age: 17

Personality: Doesn't speak a word to anyone, complete silent type. Of course, it doesn't mean he's shy, but he just doesn't speak... at all. No one knows why.

To express his thoughts, he uses objects around him or hand gestures. He's cool, collected, and silent.

Race: Japanese

Commission: Alfred by KuGiPOCOC: Alfred by kingofe3
Note: Please do not draw his headphones! ;w;

Age: 16

Personality: Probably one of the smartest students in his class, but if not the snobbiest. While he doesn't look down on his peers, he does see himself higher than the rest when it comes to brains. He also loves money and will do anything to get some currency out of his fellow classmates.

Despite being a self-proclaimed genius and inventor, almost all of his inventions fail to work or break down eventually. Still won't admit it's his fault they failed. He's smart, confident, and greedy.

Race: Japanese

Request #3: kingofe3 by AzuyasaiOC: Flora by kingofe3
Age: 16

Personality: Friendly, sweet, and beautiful. The basic words to describe someone like Flora... from afar. Her true nature is sinister, sadistic, and bitter. All the boys either love or fear her.

She is truly like a rose. They each look beautiful, but you must remember they have thorns.

Race: Japanese
Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Joyful, considerate, helpful, and most of all free. He is open about himself and gladly expresses his feelings. This is both a good and bad thing towards his fellow peers.

Race: Japanese

Request - Nicandro by SarumaneyarouOC: Nicandro by kingofe3
Age: 17

Personality: One of the more normal students at the school... if he didn't hallucinate about demons all the time. During his hallucinations he acts as a demon slayer and attempts to fight back, no matter what environment he is in.

When he's not, he's a normal guy with a big heart. He's caring, sociable, and friendly.

Race: Japanese

Madison and Angelina for kingofe3 by red-X-snowOC: Angelina by kingofe3
Age: 17

Personality: As the student council president, Angelina is kind, caring, and ladylike. A girl who always has a smile on her face. Not much else is wrong with her at all like her follow peers. Expect, she can't feel pain whatsoever.

Since she can't, many of her fellow students constantly ask her to be careful or check her condition. She can feel textures of objects and from personal experience learnt what not to touch or not. Even when hurt, she worries more on the condition of others than herself.

Currently in a loving relationship with her childhood friend, Adena.

Race: Japanese

Allatla by izuriwaOC: Allatla by kingofe3
Age: 16

Personality: A young Inuit girl who is incredibly shy and afraid of almost everything threatening. Despite the warm temperature, she insists on always wear her winter clothing. Secretly, she helps out her classmates with tasks whenever they are not looking. She's shy, quiet, and helpful.

Race: Inuit

OC: Adena by kingofe3
Age: 16

Personality: A girl who loves reading more than anything. Born with hyperlexia, she has trouble communicating with her fellow peers and thus doesn't have many friends. She is the vice president of the school and close friends with Angelina, whom she admires deeply and is currently in a relationship with her.

Despite her hyperlexia, she attempts to make as much conversation as possible; however, tends to repeat herself and is blunt with whatever she talks about. She's kind, loving, and shy around others.

Race: Japanese/Hebrew

Req : kingofe3 by LeeAkeyOC: King by kingofe3
Age: 17

Personality: From distant royal blood, he is deemed to become a king. However, due to his current family state and the lost of power of his bloodline, he cannot. Since he refuses to decline his royal blood, lives in a closed mindset that makes him believe he is actually a reigning king. Needless to say, he currently believes he rules over the entire school.

His king like attitude makes him rude, overly confident, and self centered. Even Alfred rivals his snobbishness. Though at times (i.e. around a cute girl) he can be kind and considerate to other people's feelings despite himself.

Clothing details: The clothing he wears is a white suit with a black tie and red cape on his shoulders. His head is also a shaved head.

There is a tiny scar under his left eye.

Race: Japanese

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Blue

OC: Cint by kingofe3
Age: 16

Personality: There is one word that perfectly and accurately describe this one of a kind girl: Obsessed. Well, there's also deranged, creepy, and incredibly clingy, but let's focus on the O word.

This girl has only one person on her mind 24/7 and that is Nicandro. Him and only him satisfies her life as she madly love with him. She is willing to go to Hell, back, and visit there every Tuesday to get her hands on Nicandro... and mostly his pants.

Race: Japanese
OC: Tech by kingofe3
Age: 16

Gender: Unknown

Personality: The genderless supercomputer known simply as Tech by his/her friends. No one knows of his/her true gender and he/she enjoys minute of it by teasing his/her classmates.

Since his/her background is unknown to everyone, not many know why he/she doesn't reveal his/her gender to others. Despite his/her playful attitude, he/she is a good friend to others, incredibly smart with technology, and helps whenever needed.

Race: Japanese


Yes, this time I have written a story featuring these characters. It is called School for Looneys featuring Madison as the main character. If you wish to learn more about this individual characters, check the chapters out below.
School for Looneys Chapter 1: Snowball Brawl"Let us begin the fifth annual snowball brawl!"
Before Madison had time to register what was going on, the students on each side sprinted to cover and began frantically scooping snow up to make snowballs.
"Get down, newbie!" a purple haired girl with red highlights shouted as she pulled her down behind cover before a thrown snowball could hit her. "Sitting ducks don't belong on the front lines!"
"W-What is going down?!" Madison yelled as snowballs were hurled overhead from each side like bullets on a battlefield.
"Scoop snow! Talk later!"
Various thoughts raced through Madison's minds. How did this happen? Why was I of all people plucked from the world forced to attend this school? Why am I even here?
To understand Madison's thoughts, we must venture back a day. The day her normal life changed.
-Chapter 1: Snowball Brawl-
"Madison D. Clark," a bald, tall man wearing a black business suit with matching black sunglasses said to her, "You are hereby to enroll at
School for Looneys Chapter 2: Nicandro-Chapter 2: Nicandro-
Throughout the day, Madison examined the many empty seats of the classroom. There were around six empty seats in the classroom. She didn't expect every student to be present, but considering it was the first week of school she figured they would attend those days.
The entire first week of school wasn't usually work oriented and more focused on getting familiar with courses and the school.
"I'm surprised Nicandro of all people would miss Snowball Brawl."
Madison turned to see Cyanea consuming the lunch within her bento. Not many of the students in her class left to the cafeteria and instead brought homemade bentos or ones bought from the store.
"Who's Nicandro?" Madison asked as she opened her homemade bento box. Oddly, it seemed like everyone in the classroom looked at her as if she opened Pandora's Box, their eyes expanding in great interest.
"So, um, Madeline," King moved his seat over to her's, licking his lips and eyes gazing at her bento box
School for Looneys Chapter 3: Blind-Chapter 3: Blind-
The next day, Madison woke up with the sun shining through her window, a smile on her face, and her hair miraculously not a bed ridden mess.
Madison opened the her bedroom window, a gentle breeze touching her face and welcoming the morning song of birds to her ears.
"Ah, a wonderful morning~" Madison sang happily as she gazed at her town.
Though she couldn't hear it, a soft melody begun to play in the background as she got dressed. When she walked outside, the melody slowly began to increase.
"Little town~ It's a quite peculiar~" Madison slowly sang to herself. "Ev'ry day~ Like the one before~ Little town~ Full of peculiar people~ Waking up to say..."
"You okay, Madison?" her neighbor, a middle aged woman, asked as she swept the street in front of her house with a broom. The music seemed to die all at once, bringing Madison back to reality.
Madison scratched the back of her head as she nervously chuckled. "Sorry, I was just..."
"She's in love, Vivi!"
School for Looneys Chapter 4: Student Council-Chapter 4: Student Council-
With ambition and dedication brimming inside her chest, Madison decided not to waste anytime to speak with the principal. She still had plenty of time before class would resume, so it was best to speak with him now of all times today. Only problem was that she had no idea how to reach the principal for a conference.
She could simply walk to the main office and ask to meet with him, but the secretary would most likely turn her away without a direct reason or permission to speak with the principal.
To gain ideas, Madison decided to approach her fellow classmate, Cyanea.
"Hey, Cyanea." Madison said.
"Yes?" Cyanea responded while putting away her lunch.
"Do you happen to know the quickest way to reaching the principal?"
"The principal? Why do you wish to meet him? Is something wrong?"
"I believe he's the one who can give me all the answers I'm looking for," Madison answered in serious tone, "Why am I here, why was this school built, and what ex
School for Looneys Chapter 5: The Letter-Chapter 5: The Letter-
Sunshine. Bright, shining, magnificent, warm, blinding sunshine. Either of these words Madison could've used to describe it as she stood before the steel train tracks, awaiting for her train to arrive.
She tapped her foot in a slow-paced rhythm, matching it with the song she was softly whistling to herself. Behind her, most of the pedestrians of the town waltzed by to reach their own destinations while others stood about at different areas of the station, awaiting for the daily train to arrive.
The loud shout close to her caused Madison to nearly jolt forward in pure shock. Luckily, she managed to catch herself before she moved an inch closer to the tracks below.
She turned around to see someone she wasn't expecting.
"N-Nicandro?!" she exclaimed, meeting the bright eyes and the handsome smirk of her fellow peer.
"Hello there, Madison," he greeted, "Surprised to meet me here?"
"Y-Yeah! I didn't know you lived in the same town as I did!
School for Looneys Chapter 6-Chapter 6: The Cinted Roses of Love-
Not wasting any time, Madison hurried along with her morning routine, rode the train, and arrived at the School for Looneys five minutes early before the morning bell rung.
Why was she in such a hurry today? She was quite looking forward to meeting her new classmates. The feeling of anticipation was brimming inside her chest.
It had been five whole days since she attended the school. During the time she had on and off conflicting feelings towards it. Despite that, she couldn't feel negative towards her peers.
Approaching her classroom door, she wasn't expecting anyone to be there aside from Cecilia had she not made a wrong turn somewhere. Taking in a deep breath, she opened the classroom.
Much to her surprise, the room was organized as if it was fresh out of construction. The chairs were ordered, the chalk boards were wiped clean, and most of all the dust at the ends of the corners were gone.
The janitor, Madison im
School for Looneys Chapter 7: What makes us smile-Chapter 7: What makes us smile-
"Well, you see, doc... we don't know what's wrong with her."
My father addressed the lean man in a white coat in usual laid back tone. There was a hint of anxiety in his voice. The doctor nodded as he continued to listen. My mother casually sat in her seat with a tensed expression, twiddling her thumbs in anticipation and uneasiness.
"I see," the doctor said, standing up from his leather chair to get a better look at me. He smiled gently. "Don't worry, little lady. We'll find out what you're Problem is."
I heard that word countless times. Even today I still hear it. People say there is something wrong with me, that I am not normal. I've never seen anything wrong with me at all.
I enjoyed reading books. It didn't matter what genre or what subject they were about. Seeing the various words to the top professional to most unusual enlightened me more than television or chatter.

School for Looneys Omake 1: Adventure to Loonalot!-Omake 1: The Adventure to Loonalot!-
Madison sat up from her bed, stretching her body out with a tired yawn. She expected to hear the soothing sounds of birds chirping, but was instead welcomed by a loud roar, causing her to leap out of bed in shock.
"W-What the heck was that?!" Madison questioned aloud. It was then she discovered that she was not in her room.
Instead, she was in a wooden room of sorts. The bed she slept in, made out of the same material, had a light pink rug and a barely fluffed pillow.
Madison also noticed her clothing was far from what she would barely pass as clothing, much less sleep in.
She wore a short white mini skirt and a sliver white breastplate where the top part was cut out from the chest area. Her sides were completely exposed, and she wore short white gloves and boots.
If she had a larger chest, her embarrassment would've increased tenfold, but that was the least of her worries.
Outside the window, a loud sound resonated, causing the ro

If you prefer reading them on Fictionpress, here is the link:…

One Character Entries

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:icondoodleroochu: with  Contest Entry~ Cyanea by DoodleRooChu  :iconviperiumprime: with  kingofe3's Dina by ViperiumPrime 
:iconjankumiko: with  Contest Entry: Cole (Coltrane Seeger) by jankumiko :iconi-love-anime-manga-i: with  Contest entry: Allata by I-Love-Anime-Manga-I :iconiceprince56: with contest girl Cyanea by iceprince56
:iconjzhaw: with Angelina [Contest Entry] by jzhaw:iconxangelfeatherx: with  Contest Entry: kingofe3 [GIF] by XAngelFeatherX
:iconlorrainiaful: with  Adena by lorrainiaful :iconzoe-the-gamer: with <da:thumb id="444783352"/>
:iconkinsae: with  :iconyozoraarashi: with  Cint ~ Contest ~ She will come and get you Tonight by YozoraArashi

:icontutanchludwig: with  [Contest] entry for Kingofe3 by TutAnchLudwig :iconusakumame: with  [Contest]  Nicandro by usakumame

:iconnot-so-emo: with <da:thumb id="447453160"/> :iconchocoffee09: with  Allatla by Chocoffee09

:iconqieyna: with [Contest]Allatla by Qieyna :iconxx-fantasia: with  CE: Cint by xX-Fantasia

:icondotty99212: with Dreaming... by dotty99212 :icontasamabi: with Cyanea by TaSaMaBi
:iconlottibaskerville97: with  Flora by LottiBaskerville97 :iconanimestrife009: with  :iconsummerflame8403: with 

:iconmississmith: with  Allatla by MissisSmith :icontanteiblack: with  Cyanea OC (by kingofe3) by tanteiBlack

:iconcyrina12: with  Nya by Cyrina12 :iconanobaith: with  kingofe3's contest entry: ROSE by anobaith

Two Characters Entries:

:iconspazartist101: with  kingofe3 Contest Entry by spazartist101 :iconkokoro7489: with <da:thumb id="428289792"/>

:iconhomorincchi: with <da:thumb id="429764060"/> :iconnoastrife: with  Nicandro and Cole by NoaStrife

:iconleniuu: with  Cecilia and Allatla by Leniuu :icondoudou2000: with <da:thumb id="447599379"/>

:iconbreakfree15: with  Contest entry by breakFree15

:iconchiinyan: with  Contest Entry 3 by Chiinyan and   Nicandro's Hallucination: Contest Entry 7 by Chiinyan

Three or more Characters Entries:

:iconartsunemiku: with  CE: Kingofe3 by ARTsunemiku 

:iconugahari: with <da:thumb id="426678121"/> and <da:thumb id="426845654"/>

:iconcaerulia: with  

:iconkanimimi: with  Fun Times by Kanimimi

:iconarvatzc: with  The worlds inside a book by Arvatzc and  The sound of silence by Arvatzc

:iconazuki-ringoo: with <da:thumb id="438788418"/> :iconmaryberrie: with  The Power of Three by maryberrie and  Shorty... by maryberrie :icondraconine: with  Contest entry - Girls just wanna have fun by Draconine :icon14iv19: with <da:thumb id="446877906"/> 
:iconcutexblue: with  [Contest] Spring Reunion by CuTEXBluE and  [Contest] Nicandro In His Hallucination by CuTEXBluE

:iconroxyblue4343: with <da:thumb id="450787112"/>

:icontheawkwardkitten: with <da:thumb id="450097077"/>

:iconaquamista: with   [Contest] Colorful Friendship by aquamista

:iconkarlijnvasari: with  Adena and Angelina by KarlijnVasari and  School for looneys by KarlijnVasari

:iconfenhung: with  OC Contest Entry: Summer Days by FenHung

:iconliemint: with  CE : kingofe3 by LieMint and  Eternal Rivalry by LieMint

:iconrika-to: with  CE:School festival by Rika-to :iconcaito-x: with  CE: Kingofe3 by Caito-x

:iconj3ssic0w: with  Girl Power  (Contest Submission) by J3SSIC0W and  Nicintdro (Contest Submission) by J3SSIC0W and  Trio of Friendship (Contest Submission) by J3SSIC0W
:iconkangelxd: with  Cecilia and her picture frames by kAngeLxD

:iconlunardreameremy: with  Contest Entry - Here to Stay by LunardreamerEmy and  Contest Entry - A sinister kind of beauty by LunardreamerEmy

:icongrishnaka: with  Looney Contest w/ Contest by Grishnaka and  Jin eating ice cream by Grishnaka

:iconstrangeraven: with  School for Looneys by StrangeRaven

Character Popularity Poll (tell me which character you like the most and why!):

1. Nicandro 2 votes
2. Jin 2 votes
3. Allatla 1 vote

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